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  1. Responsible for troubleshooting molding process-making adjustments to the machine, auxiliary equipment, to produce quality parts

  2. Responsible for troubleshooting machines – making sure machines are functioning properly to produce quality parts

  3. Responsible for troubleshooting auxiliary equipment – making sure all equipment is functioning properly to produce quality parts.

  4. Answer alarms on machines

  5. Responsible to assist with mold set up and removal.

  6. Responsible for mold and machine maintenance.

  7. Responsible for mixing material

  8. Responsible for making sure machine hoppers are full of material.

  9. Input and extract information from a computer.

  10. Responsible for completing paperwork – dealing with production, processing, quality and scrap.

  11. Responsible for quality checks.

  12. Knowledge of SPC.

  13. Responsible for completing a full start up after a mold is set up.

  14. Responsible for training new Machine Ops on the machines and the process.

  15. Responsible for pulling skids of finished product from production floor to Q-area with hand truck.

  16. Responsible for cleaning area around machines.

  17. Responsible for grinding parts and runners for reuse or resale.

  18. Must be able to follow the ISO and Quality Management Systems

  19. Must have own tools and tool box.

  20. All other duties as assigned.

All of the above are essential job functions.


  1. Good hearing is important to be able to distinguish the different sounds of the motors, pumps, etc.

  2. Must be able to work with cleaning solvents, polishing compounds, rust preventatives, grease and oil.

  3. Understand molding, tooling and machinery terminology to allow for competent communication.

  4. Must be able to slide mold plates of various weights when cleaning, assembling and disassembling.

  5. Must be able to move parts or entire molds from production floor to mold repair area with the use of a hand truck or cart.

  6. Packing of product – lifting boxes from floor level to approximately 5 ft. high. Boxes weigh up to 35 lbs. Stack packing when necessary.

  7. Pushing barrels weighing up to 300# onto tumbler to mix material.

  8. Dumping partial barrels into other barrels or gaylords.

  9. Bending into gaylords or barrels to bucket out resin, color or regrind.

  10. Lifting 50# bags of resin to empty into barrel.

  11. Using calipers, depth gauge, micrometer and magna mike to accurately measure dimensions of finished product and tooling.

  12. Must be able to climb ladders to perform color changes.

  13. Must have an analytical ability to solve problems and be able to execute a considered and thought out plan.

  14. Visually check parts for defects.

  15. Must know and follow all GMP procedures.

  16. Must be able to work safely and follow Safety Rules and Procedures.

  17. Must be able to identify and report violations and unsafe conditions to appropriate personnel.

  18. Must be able to wear required personal protective equipment , such as, but not limited to, hair nets, beard nets, ear plugs, long sleeved shirts, smock, long pants, steel toed shoes, or any other job specific, protective gear deemed necessary to properly protect the employee. Examples of job specific required PPEs, would be an apron, while changing a battery, heat gloves, while handing hot product, cut-resistant gloves while using knifes and other sharp tools, etc.

  19. Must be able to effectively respond in an Emergency Situation such as Fire, and Accident and direct the activities of others.

  20. Must be able to follow all Department Procedures and Directives.



  1. Manufacturing experience.

  2. High school diploma or GED.

  3. Must have the ability to multi-task.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class. (


Job ID 2024-24404

Position Type Regular Full-Time

Category Maintenance

Location : Address 19101 KAPP DR