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Linn-Mar Community Schools Custodian - 11:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. shift; $19.19/hr starting wage - Novak Elementary in Marion, Iowa

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Position Title: Facility Services / Custodian Department: Operations and Maintenance Immediate Supervisor: Custodial Supervisor

Summary: Keeps the Districts school buildings in such a state of housekeeping excellence that they present no problems or interruptions to the educational program.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: (other duties may be assigned)](]{segoe="" ui",sans-serif"=""}**

  • Clean and preserve designated spaces, equipment, etc. in assigned buildings (i.e., including but not limited to: clean and sanitize restrooms, classrooms, offices, multipurpose rooms, corridors, stairs, windows, sinks, drinking fountains, carpets, garbage cans, wastebaskets, gym, cafeteria and other areas as directed by the principal or assigned supervisor. Clean, mop, wash, buff and vacuum floors)
  • Maintain grounds and perform seasonal ground work (including but not limited to: sidewalk care, snow removal, lawn care, shrubs and landscaping, parking lots, driveways and fencing, trash pick-up)
  • Restock disposable items and provide accurate inventory usage and data (including but not limited to: classroom and restroom supplies, including paper towels, soap and related items; store all supplies, tools and equipment neatly; request additional supplies according to established procedures)
  • Assist visiting public utilizing the facilities with directions within the building in a courteous manner; obtain and set up needed equipment. Cooperate and share professionally with other members of the staff.
  • Perform minor adjustments and repairs as needed (including but not limited to: proficient in the use of hand tools, small power tools, gardening tools, various types of pipe, wire, lumber, building materials, cleaning supplies, ladders and scaffolds; perform regularly scheduled preventive maintenance, changing bulbs, clearing drains, clearing plugged toilets, adjusting thermostats)
  • Promote energy conservation (including but not limited to: turning off lights, closing proper doors, regulating thermostats, checking pipes/fixtures for leaks, checking windows for cracks/caulking)
  • Communicate with Principal/Supervisor or other site personnel or students for the purpose of providing information regarding activities, safety and/or proper maintenance of facilities. Report any damage to school property and any maintenance needs.
  • Assure the security of the building and grounds (lock/unlock gates and doors, check windows, turns lights on/off, rooms and buildings are checked for fire hazards)
  • Exercise knowledge of proper safety techniques (including but not limited to: wearing proper personal protective equipment, handling of materials, lifting techniques, use of all equipment and climbing apparatus)

  • Demonstrate regular and reliable attendance

  • Other duties as assigned

Professional Standards: 1. Quality of work (Maintains the Districts school buildings in such a state as to assure an attractive, sanitary and safe environment.) Uses proper procedures to complete tasks and assignments. Sets goals with supervisor and evaluates results to determine effectiveness. Clean and preserves designated spaces, equipment, etc. using approved methods. Maintain grounds and perform seasonal ground work. 2. Quantity of work (The amount of work performed is evidence of high productivity; industrious; accountable for own fair share of work load; seeks additional tasks) 3. Knowledge of job (Job methods, procedures, practices and responsibilities are well understood and ref ected in job performance; exhibits continuous improvement and ongoing learning) Participates in meetings, training and special events. Demonstrates knowledge of methods, procedures and practices of assigned duties. Demonstrates knowledge of job requirements. Exhibits good judgment in decisions. Keeps accurate inventory records. 4. Creativity/Problem solving (Offers new ideas; suggests innovative and better ways of performing necessary tasks) Identifies and responds to problems effectively. Identifies and reports problems as they arise. Develops options to solve problems. Makes accurate and timely decisions. 5. Interpersonal skills (Works collaboratively with others; courteous; polite; pleasant; promotes positive image in contacts with co-workers and District customers) Assists visiting public in a courteous manner. Maintains a positive and polite demeanor. 6. Dependability (Reliable; punctual; consistent attendance; completes work accurately and in a timely fashion; stable and calm in a crisis or emergency; works independently) Accepts and completes assignments within specified time frames. Follows attendance and punctuality rules. Absent only with good cause and reports absences promptly. 7. Professional appearance(Dress is acceptable for the job; appears clean, well-groomed and professional) Adheres to the dress code requirements. Wears all personal protective equipment when needed, including safety glasses and appropriate gloves. 8. Organizational skills (Exhibits ability to prioritize work; organizational skills enhance job productivity) Plans work to efficiently meet schedules and deadlines. Organizes equipment and work areas. Adjusts schedule to meet facility/staff needs. 9. Safety (Provides safety and security for self and others through following proper safety procedures at all times) Understands and follows proper safety procedures for work inside and outside the building. Works in a safe manner that does not endanger self and others. 10. Written/Verbal communication (Conveys information and ideas accurately and courteously to clearly met the needs of the staff/students/visitors, transfers thoughts and ideas into speech and presents clearly) Follows appropriate lines of authority in making requests or communicating concerns. Expresses thoughts and ideas in an understandable manner. Demonstrates courteous behavior. Communicates in a positive manner. 11. Managing change/adaptability (Demonstrates good understanding of organizational changes and communicates support for such change. Adapts to changes in schedule and work assignments) 12. Professional approach (Professional, positive and helpful approach with visitors and District employees. Displays loyalty toward the organization. Demonstrates a capacity to understand internal and external customer requirements and produces a professional level of service that is satisfactory) Accepts, understands and responds to directions and instructions. Understands staff/students/visitor and District requirements and needs. Conveys a positive and professional approach while working with all customers. 13. Flexibility (Demonstrates openness to new organizational structures and procedures. Wi