Work in Iowa Manufacturing Jobs

Job Information

Lauridsen Group Inc. Maintenance Technician - Essentia in Lytton, Iowa

To assure the daily, safe, efficient and effective operations of all plant equipment, machinery, vehicles and plant facilities as well as assigned tasks in accordance with established policies and procedures.


  • Support continuous improvement in all aspects of production through performing all duties as assigned by Maintenance Supervisor and Plant Management such as but not limited to:

  • Examine, test, maintain and repair all physical plant machinery and equipment to assure safe and efficient operations

  • Inspect, maintain and repair cooling and heating systems

  • Repair and install pipes, fittings, fixtures and other plumbing duties as required

  • Maintain and repair pumps, valves and motors as required by management

  • Record and log maintenance repairs and inspections

  • Process work orders as assigned incorporating and prioritizing needs according to overall effect on plant operations

  • Perform preventive maintenance tasks for plant machinery and equipment, the physical plant, utilities and grounds to assure the safe and efficient operation in accordance with state, federal, local regulations and company procedures

  • Construct and repair production facilities, including building, structure walls, floors, cabinets and fixtures

  • Follow good housekeeping practices for maintenance and production areas such as washing, cleaning and maintaining tools and other equipment.

  • Assist in maintenance, improvements and safe conditions of facility and grounds by mowing and trimming grounds, snow and ice removal from company sidewalks and driveways, painting and sanitation tasks.

  • Work integrally with all employees, customers and contractors.

  • Operate company vehicle, lifts, industrial trucks and non-motorized pallet jacks as required.

  • Assist in ensuring fundamental food safety and quality practices are maintained to achieve food safety and quality objectives and to support ongoing improvements of food safety programs.


  • Electrical knowledge ranging from 110 volts of power to 480 volts (3 phase).

  • General and specific knowledge and abilities in welding of different alloys, including stainless steel; and equipment knowledge, including bearings, shaft, bolt, nut, wrench and belt sizes.

  • Knowledge of organizational methods and the ability to manage multiple tasks/projects simultaneously.

  • Sustained physical effort required to move through various work area; directing, assisting, diagnosing and monitoring work performance.

  • Must be able to distinguish if food safety violations or product quality issues occur and resolve immediately or, if unable to resolve immediately, contact appropriate plant management (i.e. the Plant Manager and/or the QC Manager).

  • Maintenance personnel directed by Maintenance Supervisor and/or plant management are responsible to assist with duties and tasks in the event of staff absences.

  • Knowledge and ability to:

  • Operate industrial equipment such as hand wrenches, welders, power tools, cutting torch and use tape measure

  • Operate company vehicle as required and maintain a valid driver’s license

  • Perform basic math calculations

  • Legibly document data for record keeping purposes

  • Read gauges and record data in legible manner in accordance with established procedures

  • Analyze complex information and problem solve

  • Understand wire diagrams, construction plans and diagrams

  • Implement all safety techniques and mandated sanitary rules and regulations in accordance with established policies and procedures related plant and equipment/machinery operations

  • Understand and communicate technical information through use of written documentation or oral presentation

  • Remain calm and professional at all times

  • Interpret and work from oral and written instructions

  • Cooperate with all Essentia team members

  • Work daily and extended hours as necessary to reduce downtime for production needs

  • Analyze and comprehend complex information to assure proper equipment and instructions on safe and proper usage

  • Learn how to operate new equipment/machinery

  • Tear down equipment, repairing and restoring to operation


Approximate: 8-Hour Day (may be longer during peak season)

Frequency Key

Occasional: 1-33% of workday or 1-12 reps/hour

Frequent: 34-66% of workday or 13-62 reps/hour

Constant: +67% of workday or +63 reps/hour

Physical Demand Level: Heavy

Job Analysis:

Physical Demand Wt./Force Height Distance Frequency

Lifting, Waist to Floor 0-15 lbs. 0-43 in. NA Frequently

Lifting, Waist to Floor 16-75 lbs. 0-43 in. NA Occasionally

Lifting, Above Shoulder 0-15 lbs. 43-85 in. NA Frequently

Lifting, Above Shoulder 16-50 lbs. 43-85 in. NA Occasionally

Carrying, Bilateral 0-15 lbs. Self-selected Up to 200 ft. Frequently

Carrying, Bilateral 16-50 lbs. Self-selected Up to 200 ft. Occasionally

Pushing/Pulling, Horizontal 1-75 lbs. of force Various Up to 200 ft. Occasionally

Pushing/Pulling, Vertical 1-75 lbs. of force Various Up to 24 in. Occasionally

Grasping Up to 55 lbs. of force NA NA Occasionally

Pinching (2-point/3-point/lateral) Up to 5/8/10 lbs. of force NA NA Occasionally

Reaching, Forward/Lateral NA 0-60 in. Up to 24 in. Frequently

Reaching, Above Shoulder NA 61-85 in. Up to 24 in. Occasionally

Sitting NA NA NA Occasionally

Standing NA NA NA Frequently

Walking NA NA Up to 200 ft. Frequently

Stair Climbing NA 12 ft. NA Frequently

Ladder Climbing NA 8-12 ft. NA Occasionally

Crawling NA NA Up to 15 ft. Occasionally

Squatting NA NA NA Occasionally

Kneeling NA NA NA Occasionally

Bending NA NA NA Frequently

Stooping NA NA NA Occasionally

Twisting NA NA NA Occasionally

Physical Demand Summary: Maximum frequent waist to floor lift of 15 lbs.; Maximum occasional waist to floor lift of 75 lbs.; Maximum frequent above shoulder lift of 15 lbs.; Maximum occasional above shoulder lift of 50 lbs.; Maximum frequent bilateral carry of 15 lbs..; Maximum occasional bilateral carry of 80 lbs.: Maximum occasional horizontal push/pull force of 75 lbs. of force; Maximum occasional vertical push/pull force of 75 lbs. of force; Occasional grasping of 55 lbs. of force; Occasional 2-point/3-point/lateral pinching of 5/8/10 lbs. of force; Frequent forward/lateral reaching; Occasional above shoulder reaching; Occasional sitting; Frequent standing; Frequent walking; Frequent stair climbing; Occasional ladder climbing; Occasional crawling; Occasional squatting; Occasional kneeling; Frequent bending; Occasional stooping; Occasional twisting.


Employee must be able to handle multiple tasks and understand mechanical and equipment operations as required by job duties. The employee will need basic calculation skills, good reading, speaking and writing skills, and have an ability to analyze and comprehend complex information. In addition, this employee must be able to work independently, set priorities, determine work assignments and work methods.


The working conditions for this job vary; portion of the job duties occur in an indoor manufacturing environment, as well as outside work with varying seasonal temperatures. The working conditions include but are not limited to exposure to many chemicals used during the production process, caustics, cleaning components, temperatures ranging from freezing to extreme heat, high noise levels, tile and concrete floors, moving machinery and equipment, extended work hours, high exposure to dust, fumes, climbing on heights, moving through the facility and grounds to different areas, wet floors, and fumes.