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CITY OF ELDON Public Works Laborer in ELDON, Iowa

The following job description is not intended to be all inclusive. Instead it is intended to delineate areas of responsibility and expectations. The position requires a professional oriented individual who is willing and able to take initiative, adapt to changes, including all technological changes pertinent to the position, and exercise judgment in the performance of the specific tasks necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.\ \ [Under the direction of the Mayor and Council, meet or exceed the States standards for full disclosure and accountability of local government operations. Expedite citizen, Mayor, Council and agency requests for information and in general serve as a public relations asset.]{arial\",sans-serif\"=""}\ \ Must obtain Class B CDL with Air Brake Endorsement\ \ Must obtain certification with FEMA for National Incident Management System {NIMS}\ \ [Shall be the Mayors and City Councils representative for the citizens of Eldon]{arial\",sans-serif\"=""}\ \ [Shall be courteous and respectful at all times]{arial\",sans-serif\"=""}\ \ Shall wear appropriate attire and maintain a well-kept appearance.\ \ Manual labor in the performance of both semi-skilled work physically and mentally demanding nature.\ \ Efficient performance of construction and maintenance tasks by using manual skills; special skills; and acquired through experience.\ \ Knowledge of all city equipment and ability to operate and maintain said equipment.\ \ Be able to work inside and outside in extreme heat, cold and other weather changes and meet both physical and manual demands.\ \ Required to attend workshops and training sessions as needed\ \ Adhere to all policies contained in the City of Eldon Employee Handbook.\ \ Patching and repairing pot holes in streets.\ \ Operating a truck with a blade attachment to remove snow\ \ Operating a truck to haul gravel, sludge, and other public works equipment\ \ Operating mowers, weed-eaters and sprayers\ \ Keep required records.\ \ Cleaning and maintenance of the city garages\ \ Maintenance of all city equipment\ \ Mowing, trimming and weed control of all city areas\ \ Schedule tasks and prioritize them\ \ Cleans and maintains storm sewers by removing debris and blockage and repairing and replacing portions of Storm sewers\ Available for scheduled and emergency overtime and on-call rotation\ \ Repairs or replaces street signs according to regulations in the Uniform Traffic Control Manual and city code.\ \ Maintains and services equipment by changing oil; greasing moving parts; replacing filters and other parts; \ changing tires; cleaning windows; and performing other routine maintenance.\ \ Inspection of water and sewer connections made by contractors when public works director is not available\ \ Report any unauthorized connections, disconnections, or digging to the Mayor within twenty-four hours.\ \ Authority to shut off water when ordered by City\ \ All routine maintenance, testing, and checking of water and sewer lines; cleaning as needed\ \ Complete all maintenance to building and grounds of water and wastewater plants, shop, library and city hall.\ \ Completing any other duties as assigned by the Mayor or Public Works Director\ \ Knowledge and Skills:\ Reading, writing, math skills\ Basic computer skills\ Ability to solve a wide range of intellectual and practical problems while communicating policy\ \ Entry Level Requirements:\ High School Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma {G.E.D}\ Safety Training, First Aid, Blood borne Pathogens,\ []{style="font