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Alltown Bus Service Lead Technician in Davenport, Iowa

[We are looking for a Lead Technician that will supervise all work and personnel in the garage and related facilities; assigning work and issues instructions to personnel; checking completed work for compliance with instructions. Repair and servicing of school buses, trucks and other gas and diesel-powered automotive equipment.]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""}\ \ [Duties and Responsibilities:]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""}

  • [Supervise and coordinate activities of assigned personnel.]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""}
  • [Assign, supervise and participate in major and minor mechanical repairs on buses and other light motorized equipment; diagnose diesel internal combustion engine maintenance problems.]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""}
  • [Diagnose, supervise and participate in skilled and semi-skilled repairs of mechanical defects in buses, automobiles, trucks and other gas- and diesel-powered automotive equipment.]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""}


``` - [Determine priority of work orders and their assignment to personnel; plan, organize and schedule workflow of employees as assigned; advise and assist assigned personnel; assure timely completion of work.]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""} - [Maintain records and reports as necessary.]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""} - [Conduct in-service training programs for employees with equipment suppliers for new techniques in mechanical repairs.]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""} - [Assist in the selection of new employees; train, supervise and evaluate assigned employees; recommend disciplinary action or promotion as appropriate; review completed work and provide feedback as necessary.]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""} - [Initiate requisition for materials and equipment; authorize purchases from local vendors; maintain adequate inventory of parts, equipment and supplies used in repairing and servicing motorized vehicles.]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""} - [Monitor tools, tool room equipment, maintenance and safety practices.]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""}

\ [Qualifications: ]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""}

  • [A thorough knowledge of standard shop methods and practices and the techniques, tools, machinery and materials of the trade. ]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""}
  • [A thorough knowledge of the operating principle of diesel and other internal combustion engines. ]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""}
  • [Extensive knowledge of the construction, operation, repair and maintenance of standard motor propelled equipment and road construction and maintenance machinery. ]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""}
  • [Knowledge of occupational hazards and the necessary safe precautions. Considerable skill in the use and operation of tools, machinery and related equipment of the trade. ]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""}
  • [Ability to plan, lay out, direct and supervise the work of skilled tradesmen and other shop workers is of prime importance. ]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""}
  • [Ability to make estimates of the cost of labor and materials and to arrange for procurement and supply. Ability to maintain stock records and prepare reports.]{segoe="" ui\",sans-serif\"=""}

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