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East Penn Manufacturing Company A5 ENVELOPER SERIES II 2nd shift in CORYDON, Iowa

Series II Enveloper includes two positions: One loads plates to machine and the other inspects groups of plates and removes non-conformed product.

May run a machine with 1 or 2 operators depending on the enveloper and COS machine layout.

The machines can run between 85 and 260 enveloped plates per minute.


Loads 1 separator roll (weighing up to 70 lbs.) onto machine every 7-45 minutes.

Threads the material through the machine.

Manually lifts and loads plates into the feeders.

Series II machines may have up to 4 feeders.

The 5th feeder is an odd plate feeder.

The 5th feeder is only used when running an odd plate count.

Feeders #1 and #2 are wrapped plate feeders.

Feeders #3 and #4 stack a plate on the top of a wrapped plate.

The employee picks up approximately 5 inches of pasted plates at a time with an approximate weight of 20 lbs. and 100 plates per stack.


Assists in manually lifting and loading plates into the feeders.

Monitors the stacker conveyor leading into the buffer (if equipped).

May inspect the stacks and then place them on pallets or racks as required.

When stacking groups and picking up plates, the employee may have to bend as low as 6 inches.

Employees will be trained on both positions.


Visually inspects plates for defects.

Starts and stops machine.

Monitors and sets up plate feeders.

Monitors and sets up folding rollers/sealing wheels.

Monitors and sets up missing/double plate detectors.

Monitors, sets up, and adjusts lug brushes.

Monitors and sets up reject conveyor.

Monitors, maintains, and adjusts group aligner/stacker conveyor.

Keeps machine clear from jamming.

Must become familiar with Panel View control panel and understand machine timing.

Communicates with COS machine operators.

Vacuums areas and boards and removes scrap materials and cardboard.

*Maintains regular attendance.

*Ability to work mandatory over time.

Performs other duties as requested by Management.

Responsible for producing a high quality product.

Responsible for proper hygiene, housekeeping, and safety practices.

Equal Opportunity Employer.

*These tasks are considered essential elements of the job.

READING REQUIREMENTS: Basic Reading, MATHEMATICAL SKILLS: Basic Math (adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying), COMPUTER SKILLS: Ability to interact with computer screens, REASONING SKILLS: Ability to evaluate, MECHANICAL SKILLS: Hand Tools, COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Ability to communicate with Co-workers, OTHER NECESSARY SKILLS/REQUIREMENTS: Ability to work at a fast pace

Requisition ID: 2022-10243

Street: 2185 Highway Two